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Name:John "Reaper" Grimm
John Grimm:[hands Samantha a gun] If I turn into one of those demons, shoot me. One in the heart and one in the head, and don't you hesitate.
Samantha Grimm:[slowly takes the gun] I won't have to.

Samantha Grimm: Does it ever bother you, you could've spent your life looking in a microscope instead of a sniper scope?
[about the planet's extinct inhabitants]
John Grimm: If they were so smart, how come they're so dead?
Samantha Grimm: We don't know. Maybe they just went with time.
[John looks at the position of the skeletons]
John Grimm: You don't shield a baby from time.


First and foremost I'm a Marine, part of the R(apid)R(esponse)T(actical)S(quad). Then I'm a little brother. Twin brother to Samantha Grimm. Don't ask me about my sister. Don't even so much as think of asking to date her. I'm liable to shoot you.

Some shit went down in Olduvai. You don't want to know. I'm the last one standing. I will tell you that. Myself and her. It's not something I plan to go through again.

I am, however, different. Thanks to C24. I have my sister to thank for that. But don't treat me that way. It might make me angry and that's the worse thing you could ever do.

[John is not mine. He belongs to Dave Callaham and is from the movie DOOM. This journal is for play only. No profit is being made. Any icons made by [info]lightningsqueen are not to be used without permission. These are icons made by the mun. So if you take any credit and use Reaper's contact post/voicemail to let the mun know. Thank you. Muse and mun 18+]
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